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I started designing websites in 1994 when paisley backgrounds and animated gif rainbows were popular. And in almost 30 years I’ve worked with some great clients. I learned everything from hand-coding HTML and custom theming WordPress to email marketing, A/B testing, conversion optimization, data analysis, and SEO.

From simple sites like this to high-converting landing pages, secure members-only sites, and complex HTML/CMS hybrids; I’ve built them all. And along the way I learned to optimize for speed, fine tune the user experience, track down roadblocks to conversion and kick butt at Search Engine Optimization.

When you hire me you work directly with me. Not an account manager, intermediary or go-between: no excuses and no extra layers of cost-driving functionaries. I have reliable people I trust to support me, but I don’t farm work out to coding farms. If you have a problem I solve it.

And, while I have a substantial body of successful projects covering more than two decades of work in multiple, diverse industries, you won’t find them listed, published, or promoted. Why?

Because the solutions I create for other people and organizations probably have very little relevance to your product or project. Sure, they may both be eCommerce sites, but unless you’re selling a snazzy suitcase with integrated shelves, you won’t learn much looking at how I helped an inventor enter the very crowded luggage market. Or how my solution for a travel company helped more than double their revenue in two years.

My experience solving those problems may inform my recommendations (and our decisions) but they won’t map directly to solving your problems. Of course, you may need some assurance I’ve done remarkable work and we can go over a few projects when we chat. You’ll learn more about why I made some choices and gain a better understanding of how I might help you. Let’s talk about what you’re working on to see how I might help.

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